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Do you want to climb Mt. Everest, win an Olympic medal, run a 135 mile Ultra Marathon, complete an Iron Man competition or earn a spot on an Olympic Team?

Or do you want to lose weight responsibly, gain muscle, solve inflamatory health problems, regain health or just feel better?

Dr. Lee, the Healthy Professor, has helped people achieve all those goals. No gimmicks, just sound up-to-date science, nutrition coaching, responsible supplementation and 40 years experience.


Fat Won't Make You Fat, "Not all by itself" by Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.

This book is about much more than weight loss. It is about health. It is a condensation of the concepts outlined in the books I referred to. It is a Book about Books

The Little Book of Nutrition Nuggets by Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.

A collection of columns (600 – 2000 words each) previously published over the last 4 years in Fitness Magazines and newspapers.

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Nutritional Coaching

Personal - face to face with Dr. L. Lee Coyne.

Group - suitable for corporate offices and associations. Eight weeks – 5 lectures by Dr. Coyne and suitable program leadership to ensure success.

Distance – e-coaching involving personal e-mail and telephone conversations with Dr. Coyne.

Individual programs, evidence based, experience based and supported with good science.

Over 2,000 successful clients in the last 5 years have demonstrated the effectiveness of our programs.

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Chilren's Nutrition -  Diet, obesity, nutrition and exercise, vegan. 

Sports Nutrition - carbs, eating for sports, hiking, protein, runners, sports drinks, sports nutrition.

Supplementation -  Nutrition, protein, resveratrol, soy. 

Weight Loss - Diet plans, exercise, obesity, postpartum

Wellness - Diet, food, carbohydrates, cholesterol, diabetes, protein, sugar.

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Nutritional Analysis

Wellness issues or symptoms are always approximately right.

They tell you what has been happening to your health and can be used to assess nutritional needs.

Our unique on-line computerized Symptomatology program can help you identify your nutritional needs.

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Customer Reviews

Jim Hunter

Jim HunterJim Hunter hired Dr. L. Lee Coyne as a Personal Trainer in 1968

“Dr. L. Lee provided the training and expertise needed to be the best I could be in my preparations for my first Olympic Games. His knowledge of how to prepare and how to be ready to perform was exceptional.
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Jungle Jim Hunter, Bronze Medalist 1972 Olympic Games Sapporo, Japan”

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