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Sports Nutrition Articles by Dr. L. Lee Coyne.

  • Building Muscle - The structural and functional nature of muscle. The “micro-anatomy” and the physiology of muscle is a fascinating study.

  • Carbohydrate Loading - Carbohydrate loading or Glycogen loading is a concept derived from research published in Sweden by Drs. Saltin and Hermanson in 1967.
  • Coconut Water is it a Sports Drink? - How does Coconut Water compare to Sports Drinks.

  • Daily Water Requirements for Health and Performance - Naturally, daily fluid requirements will vary with environmental conditions, clothing and exercise intensity and duration.

  • Eating for Sports - When it comes to nutritional advice for sport and exercise there is always some new "magic bullet" product or plan designed to help you become the next super athlete.
  • Energy Drinks - Energy in a Can or a Bottle? A critical review.
  • Energy Drinks 2 - Should you be drinking this stuff?
  • Extreme Nutrition - These nutritional practices include food selection habits, lifestyle and selective use of supplements.

  • Hiking - appropriate snacks for a 5 mile hike, a 5 hour hike, or for my kids or for a weekend backpack trip.
  • Hyponatremia - Hydration, too much of a good thing.

  • Muscle Recovery from Exercise - Research over the last 10 years has demonstrated the benefits of becoming “active” in post-exercise nutritional choices to optimize recovery.

  • Protein is the Answer - Protein rich foods are tasty, satisfy hunger and are rich in other nutrients.

  • Runner's Diet - A diet plan just for runners. Optimum health should be the first line of thought for any runner.

  • Sports Drinks Review - This review is designed to clarify and explain the role, the rationale and the research behind sport drinks.
  • Sports Drink Science - The main purpose of sports drinks is to prevent dehydration, to supply energy, and to replace electrolytes.
  • Sports Nutrition Coaching Made Simple - When the decision arrives that it is time to get fit the diet may or may not receive attention.