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Weight Loss articles by Dr. L. Lee Coyne

Everybody is currently on a diet. There are vegetarian diets, weight loss diets, Inuit diets, athletes diets, diabetic diets, just to name a few. A diet is simply an eating plan and, if it includes deprivation, then it is probably destined to a painful death. Nutrition is what you receive from the diet you have chosen.

  • Balanced diet - Best diet plan. Are you tired of eating "low fat no fat" everything and faithfully pursuing your exercise program but still experiencing frustration with your weight management success?
  • Body Tips - Top 15 tips for transforming your body so you look your best and feel your best.
  • Low Carb Diet - A healthy eating plan must also be “Protein Adequate”, “Essential Fatty Acid Adequate” and “Nutrient Adequate”.
  • Diet Plans - This is a brief review of several popular diet plans. Some plans are popular because of clever marketing and others are because they seem to work.
  • Fat Phobia - Good Fat / Bad Fat? North Americans eat less fat than ever recorded in history and yet we have an obesity epidemic.
  • Postpartum Weight Loss - If you eat well, supplement responsibly, exercise regularly and rest peacefully you will be healthier and by the way, if you need to you will lose fat.
  • How to Lose Weight - So, Why Am I Not Losing Weight? If you're troubled by your diet and exercise regime and you tend to gain back all you shed pounds every time you digress from your plan, you're not alone.
  • Weight Loss and Exercise - If I exercise six days per week, eat low fat, no fat, low calorie everything, never eat in the evening, “Why am I not losing weight”?
  • Weight Loss - The Oldest Metabolic Disorder. So you want to lose weight but seem to struggle with every program you have tried.

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