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52 Hot Nutrition Tips - Most diets fail. Develop healthy eating habits. Our best tips to get you started.

Aspartame - Aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful) To drink or not to drink?

Balanced Diet - Staying healthy may need a paradigm shift
Balanced Diet - Well Balanced Diet. Cracking the Insulin Riddle
Best Foods - Best Foods and Worst Foods
Body Cleanse - Detoxification (Detox) or Whole Body Cleansing
Body Tips - Following these tips should help you reach your optimal weight, improve your muscle tone and develop improved cardiovascular health.
Building Muscles - All about Muscle.

Carbohydrate Dieting - There is more to good health and responsible weight management than just eliminating carbohydrates.
Carbohydrate Eating - In Defense of Reduced Carbohydrate Eating
Carbohydrate Loading - Con in the "carbo-loading argument"
Carbohydrates Carbohydrates - Friend or Foe?
Childrens Diet - What should children eat?
Childhood Obesity - Obesity and priorities.
Cholesterol Free - Cholesterol free - So what?
Cholesterol Lowering - Cholesterol Facts and Solutions
Coconut Water - Is Coconut water a good sports drink or is it a refreshing beverage if you are watching sports on TV.

Daily Water Requirements - Daily Water Requirements for Health and Performance
Diabetes Epidemic - The Diabetes Epidemic
Diet Plans - Fad Diets or Popular Eating Plans?

Eating for Sports - Eating for Sports. When it comes to nutritional advice for sport and exercise there is always some new magic bullet product or plan ...
Energy Drinks - Energy in a Can or a Bottle? A critical review.
Energy Drinks 2 - Should you be drinking this stuff?
Extreme Nutrition - To become an exceptional achiever you must try, do and practice exceptional things. Average, standard, typical, and “normal” practices produce average, standard, typical, and “normal” results.

Fat Phobia - North Americans eat less fat than ever recorded in history and yet we have an obesity epidemic.

Halloween Treats - Halloween food hazards.
Healthy Bones - Osteoporosis
Healthy Eating - The term “fast food” has become synonymous with “franchises” and “unhealthy eating”.
Healthy Immune System - Challenges to healthy immunity
Healthy Smoothie - The anatomy of a healthy smoothie.
Hiking - healthy snacks for a 5 mile hike, a 5 hour hike, or for my kids or for a weekend backpack trip.
Hyponatremia - Hydration - Too Much of a Good Thing

Muscle Recovery - Benefits of becoming “active” in post-exercise nutritional choices to optimize recovery.

Nutrition & Exercise - Childhood obesity, physical activity and nutrition.
Nutritional Supplementation
- The supplement program we use at LeanSeekers was featured in a new study commissioned to investigate the effectiveness of nutritional supplementation.

Postpartum Weight Loss - One of the most prolific “postpartum” conversational topics, besides the new baby, is weight loss.
Prevention for the Big Three
- Type II diabetes, Hypertension and Obesity
Protein Intake - The first two reviews studied the effects of protein on bone mass density. The third study is a report on a “meta” analysis of the effect of protein on metabolic rate and appetite control. The fourth study reports on the relationship between protein intake and growth rate among children.
Protein is the Answer
- Even primitive man understood the importance of protein foods by following their protein sources.
Protein Requirements - Protein matters.
Protein Supplement - Protein is one of the primary nutrients involved in growth, development and repair of virtually all tissues in the body.

Resveratrol Facts Explained - Resveratrol is frequently referred to as “The active ingredient in Red Wine” but that is a serious over-simplification.
Runners Diet - Optimum health should be the first line of thought for any runner.

Soy Protein Benefits - Some of the most common concerns about soy explained. The “essential seven” quality controls to insure you get the true benefits of soy. Results from more than 50 studies have provided scientific evidence of the cholesterol-lowering benefits of soy protein in the diet.
Soy and Your Health: An Update on the Benefits - Soybeans provide excellent nutrition and contain a number of biologically active components that collectively may be responsible for a variety of health benefits.
Soy and Your Health: Dispelling the Myths - With the exception of those allergic to soy protein, which is relatively rare, all healthy individuals can safely consume soy foods.
Special Events - Eating at Festivals and Fairs
Sports Drinks Review - The following review is designed to clarify and explain the role, the rationale and the research behind sport drinks.
Sports Drink Science Why I like sport drinks over gels and concentrates.
Sports Nutrition Coaching You require a plan and some understanding of what the body needs in the way of nutrients to optimize health and performance.
Stress - We do know that our nutritional needs change when we are experiencing stress and we can help the body "cope" with stress by providing enough of the nutrients which are in greater demand or are more difficult to acquire when we perceive stress.
Sugar - The consumption of “added caloric sweeteners” (usually referred to as sugar) over the last thirty years has risen to an estimated seventy-one kilograms per person per year.
Supplementation 101 - 7 reasons why you need vitamins and supplements.
Swine Flu - H1N1. Understanding the Immune System

Triple Threat - October – The Triple Threat Month

Vegan Teens - Vegetarian teenagers.

Weight Loss - So, Why Am I Not Losing Weight?
Weight Loss & Exercise - Blaming the lack of exercise.
Weight Loss & Obesity - So you want to lose weight but seem to struggle with every program you have tried.
Winter Nutrition - Nutrition Adjustment for Winter


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