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Dr. Lee, the Healthy Professor

Dr. Lee, the Healthy Professor


Sports Nutrition Testimonials

Jim Hunter

Jim HunterJim Hunter hired Dr. L. Lee Coyne as a Personal Trainer in 1968

“Dr. L. Lee provided the training and expertise needed to be the best I could be in my preparations for my first Olympic Games. His knowledge of how to prepare and how to be ready to perform was exceptional.
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Jungle Jim Hunter, Bronze Medalist 1972 Olympic Games Sapporo, Japan”

Neil Runions

Lee Coyne helped me immeasurably in understanding the physiology of endurance events and how to manage the body’s needs leading up to, during, and after the event. ...

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Badwater Ultramarathon

Chantal Requier

When you here the word triathlon, you think it consists of three events. In the case of an ironman race there is a fourth; nutrition.

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John Barendrecht

I contacted Lee Coyne about nutrition after my second heart attack. I read his book, and had several coaching sessions re lifestyle changes, vitamins and heart healthy eating.

Although the cardiologist said I'd be on drugs for at least a year, he took me off one after 3 months and cut one dosage in half. I would strongly recommend Dr. Lee for nutritional coaching, but go before you have a heart attack!

John Barendrecht, Centralhome.com Company Inc

Symptomatology Testimonials

Dr. Lee Coyne's Health Appraisal is the single most effective tool I have ever used ...

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"Fat Won't Make You Fat" Testimonials

Lee was my nutrition coach for Colliers Lotus Notes Everest expedition which demanded an extraordinary level of fitness. ...

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