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Nutrition Consulting
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Vitamins Nutritional Supplementation - Shaklee’s Landmark 50th Anniversary Study. Shaklee commissioned the largest study ever conducted in the dietary supplement industry and the first ever on long-term dietary supplement users of 20 years.

Omega 3 - Omega 3 Fatty Acids Play a big role in optimal health. Since the 1930s, research evidence has indicated that certain essential fatty acids (EFAs) are required for normal human fetal and neonatal development.

Omega 3 Women - Omega 3 Index & Women. Although the benefits of Omega 3 intake have been well established, a German study reported that 63% of middle aged German women have low omega 3 and show high risk for heart disease.

Omega 3 Enhances Reading Skills - Omega-3, Omega-6 Fatty Acids Enhance Reading Skills In Children.

Omega 3 Heart Attack - Meta-analysis supports omega-3s for heart disease risk reduction.

Protein Supplement - Do You Need A Protein Supplement?

Resveratrol -  The active ingredient in Red Wine. Resveratrol Facts Explained.

Soy Protein - Benefits of Soy Protein Powder.

Soy Protein Benefits - Soy and Your Health: An Update on the Benefits.

Soy Myths - Soy and Your Health: Dispelling the Myths.

Supplementation 101 - Responsible supplementation is no longer an option, it is a necessity if your objective is optimal health.