Dr. Lee, the Healthy Professor

Dr. Coyne’s Nutrition advice, coaching, seminars and writing have a foundation of “evidence based science”.

His books reflect this evidence and that has resulted in a WOE (way of eating) program that is 40% Carbohydrate, 30% Protein and 30% Fat. This is a lower (not low) carbohydrate and higher (not high) protein way of eating. The American Heart Association considers the 30% fat diet “low fat”.

Although based on science, Dr. Coyne has a reputation of “translating science into an easily understood process” - quote from Jamie Clarke – Everest Summiteer. Dr. Coyne is a big believer in “knowledge power” and his presentations reflect that belief. So you not only learn some “how to” techniques for better nutrition but you learn why.

New Seminar Topic

New seminar topic as a result of invitation to speak at Alberta Health Services Brain Health Symposiums in Calgary March 18 and Edmonton March 19.

Nutrition an Brain Health

Fundamentals of Nutrition for Brain health centre around inflammation. Chronic Inflammation is the root of the majority of non-communicable or non-infectious disease. Seminar deals with how to eat and supplement properly to reduce or eliminate chronic inflammation. Emphasis on the how and why of reducing carbohydrate intake and the latest research on the role of increased essential fatty acid intake, primarily the role of Omega 3. Much of this is new and revealing. 

Popular Seminar topics include:

So - Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

This presentation offers and explanation of the problems and solutions to weight loss. It answers why so many are struggling with weight management and offers some practical “how to get started” suggestions for every day eating. It covers what to eat, what not to eat, how much and how often.

Nutrition / Stress / Immunity / Energy

Stress, can trigger metabolic wear and tear on your body. Busy lifestyles can stress the immune system and energy levels. This session will look at important foods, nutrients and supplements needed to help the body cope with stress. All stress is perceived and no stress is death. Building a healthy immune system is fundamental to optimal health and the expression of optimal energy. You can decline the invitation to participate in the annual flu and cold season if you understand your immune system and treat it well.

Eating Right for an Active Lifestyle

Physical activity can be good stress or bad stress depending on how you do it, how often you do it and how you feed your body before, during and after. To get the most from an active lifestyle you want to fuel your system with the right nutrients at the right time. Dr. Coyne’s experience with high performance athletes, recreational endurance athletes (Ironman finishers and Ultra-marathoners) and weekend warriors has allowed him to develop strategies for most active people. The underlying principle is still optimal health first.

50 Hot and Practical tips For Healthier Eating

This is a fast moving practical tips session. The rationale for each tip is included and you leave with some ideas on what to do next. Every Tip is designed to help you make food choices and decisions consistent with maintaining optimal insulin control. The explanations for each tip will increase you “knowledge power” so you will always know “the reason why”.

Syndrome X The New Epidemic

Elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 Diabetes, Insulin resistance, high triglycerides, and obesity, you may have syndrome X or metabolic syndrome. Eating for Insulin control is the foundation of this topic. Dr. Coyne’s 40-30-30 eating plan has proven valuable helping to control these health challenges.

Obesity Epidemic Solutions

The obesity epidemic, produced by the Average Canadian Diet, will only be brought under control, by learning to eat for insulin control. Understanding how to do this is the theme of this presentation. Learn what elevates insulin and how to reduce it. It is not “rocket science” – just practical, responsible nutrition based on food choices, timing and responsible supplementation.

Healthy Eating for Busy People

When schedules are busy and life is hectic it is not always easy to make healthy eating a priority. However, when our bodies are fuelled with good nutrition it can be easier to cope with stress and have energy to be active throughout the day.

Step one is to be sure you know what healthy foods really mean. i.e. yoghurt is good – flavoured, non-fat, yoghurt is not. There are many misleading marketing pictures that try to convey “healthy” when the reality is they are not.

Some strategies and tips for healthy eating during a busy workday would include:

  • The Importance of breakfast
  • a breakfast shopping list
  • lunch plans - make it and bag it or buy it?
  • Vending machine pitfalls
  • Eating out – what to order
  • Smart snacks.

Nutrition for Optimal Performance

Eating for exercise and sports performance can seem unnecessarily complicated. In order to simplify the role of nutrition in sports performance, it's often easier to break it down into the phases eating for daily health, and eating before during and after exercise performances. We also discuss the different strategies for training days, competing days and rest days. Get the basics on sports nutrition. What to eat, When to eat, the science of hydration, the science of muscle recovery, fueling during endurance performances, maintaining optimal health. The role of “responsible supplementation” is also discussed. Dr. Coyne has a reputation of making the complicated seem simple.

For further information or to book Dr. Coyne for a seminar, email or phone 1-800-668-4042.


See also nutrition coaching for one on one nutritional advice.