Dr. Lee, the Healthy Professor

   Dr. Lee Coyne's Health Appraisal is the single most effective tool I have ever used in building my Shaklee business. It is a system that brings business to me through referrals from happy customers. The Appraisal is effective because it indicates which body systems are out of balance and provides a custom, comprehensive nutrition plan specifically designed for that person. The process teaches us so much about nutritional symptoms that we quickly become our customers' professional.

Over the 18 years I've used the Symptoms Program I have been able to help hundreds of people get well. People pay a lot at a physician's office to find out some of the very same things that this service so easily determines. I cannot thank Dr. Coyne enough for putting this process together and for teaching it to all of us!

From all your friends in Alaska, thank you, thank you, Dr. Coyne!

Cheri Gumley, Nutrition Consultant and Coach
Wasilla, Alaska

   I've used Dr. Lee Coyne's Nutritional Symptomatology program since 1985. Why? Very simply, it is the most comprehensive tool that provides a personalized 25+ page nutritional report to the client giving the client information to make responsible, healthy choices in her or his life. The results speak for themselves.

Dr. Lee Coyne's Nutritional Symptomatology program is a tremendous teaching tool. Not only does it pinpoint individual deficiencies and/or excesses and provide a suggested supplemental program, but the client learns about the value of nutrients, food sources, and the role each nutrient plays in the human body. The 20+ page personalized report is the client's very own nutrition reference guide.

Linda Flach Corl, BS, HHP
San Diego, www.flachassociates.com
858-731-2915 or 800-497-8605

   The nutritional survey has assisted my practice by using intelligent symptom based information to better direct my patients with their health concerns. My practice now treats people through specific supplementation combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine to provide the best outcomes. Thank you Dr. Coyne for a simple effective tool to provide good nutritional health.

Dr. Diana Cieslak, TCMD, Accupuncturist, Herbalist and Dr. of Chinese Medicine
Calgary, AB

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