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Triathlon by Chantal Requier

When you here the word triathlon, you think it consists of three events. In the case of an ironman race there is a fourth; nutrition. Without proper nutrition and good overall health you will not have a good race.

Last year, with the help of Dr. Lee Coyne I successfully completed my first ironman (and my first Marathon at the same time). I had about seven weeks to prepare for the particular event and one of my biggest concerns was staying healthy and being able to keep my energy levels up during the race without feeling ill from what I had ingested.

One might think that because we train so much that we are healthy, but the amount of strain we put on our bodies is quite extreme so I needed some guidance. Dr. Coyne taught me ways to eat that would keep up my energy levels so that I would have good training days. He also got me to use the Performance hydration / electrolyte drink from Shaklee.

I was able to stay healthy the whole summer and come race day I had my nutrition plan ready (which consisted of 90% Performance), my training was done and I sat down and wrote my desired times on a piece of paper for my friend who was watching me race. I wrote down eleven hours and ten minutes. With such a long event I was amazed when I started to do the math while I was running. I could actually make my time!


Chantal Requier


“I could never have done it without Dr. Coyne's help. Thank you very much!”

Chantal Requier

Dr. L. Lee Coyne

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