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"Fat Won't Make You Fat" Testimonials

pin  I have been eating close to Dr. Coyne's WOE (Way of Eating) but it just need some tweaking and a few minor adjustments. I started this program the end of May with regular workouts and modifying my eating to Dr. Coyne's WOE thru a good friend, who is on Dr. Coyne's WOE.

I purchased Dr. Coyne's book July 10, 2011 and was thrilled to receive it. I read it from cover to cover. To date with the assistance for Dr. Coyne's WOE and continuing with my regular workouts, I have lost a total of 18 lbs.  

I am very happy with my weight loss to date and it has been an easy transition. I would recommend Dr. Coyne's WOE to anyone that is looking to lose weight and still have lots of food to eat.  

Exercise is an important part of losing weight and feeling good. I do my workouts at 6:00 am and then the rest of the day is mine.  

I plan to continue with this new WOE for a long time.  

    - Heather, August 20, 2011

pin  Lee was my nutrition coach for Colliers Lotus Notes Everest expedition which demanded an extraordinary level of fitness. He translated nutritional science into easily understood process for my total food and supplements intake. I believe that readers will find he has done the exact same thing with his approach to the 40-30-30 dietary eating plan in this book. Valuable nutritional insights in readily digestible prose!"

    - Jamie Clarke, Mount Everest Summiteer

pin  We have successfully used the 40-30-30 dietary selection method with our diets for several years. Lee's no nonsense, direct approach will benefit the many people looking for a simple way to eat better and loose weight.

    - Richard Williams, New Limits Lifestyle Consultants Inc.

pin  In the last 15 weeks I have been eating the "40-30-30 " way, I am never hungry nor do I crave any particular foods, even though I previously ate a lot of bread. I now eat little or no bread. I feel much better, have more energy, and my blood sugar count is dropping. In total I have lost at least 18 pounds. It really works and best of all, if I go off the plan for a meal I can get back on track after a couple of meals.

    - Sandy McKinnon, Rock Creek, B.C.

pin  The 40-30-30 eating plan outlined in "The Better Balanced Diet" is a fabulous way to eat! In four months I lost 34 pounds and my severe heartburn is almost gone, I have far more energy, and always satisfied - no hunger. Best of all it is easy to follow. Everyone should eat this way! Protein in every meal and every snack. I have never eaten so much. Thanks, Lee for making it simple!!!

    - Gwen McKinnon, Rock Creek, B.C.

pin  I was so pleased to get the information in Dr. Coyne's book in such an easy to read, down to earth format. It is filled with simple to follow directions and in the first two weeks I lost 6 pounds by simply increasing my protein intake and being sure to have protein with any carbohydrates. More important, I feel so much better with more energy just following this initial change. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the "real" basis of healthy weight management.

    - Carol Throndson, Edmonton, AB

pin  After photos of myself taken last Christmas (1997) I realized I had to lose some weight. I Was heavier than I had been in 34 years, even though I exercised regularly and thought that I ate sensibly. By watching my diet carefully for 8 months I had only lost 10 pounds. After reading Dr. Coyne's book, I started looking at food in a different way and after trying Dr. Coyne's suggestions I lost 10 more pounds in just 7 weeks. I am very happy with the results from following his diet and it makes maintaining my weight much easier.

    - Norma Young, Edmonton, AB

pin  As a chronic weight watcher, I had found that only high protein -- low carbohydrate diets worked. However they were difficult to maintain. which meant I would lose 15 pounds and regain 16 with every cycle. When I started on the 40-30-30 plan recommended by Dr. Coyne I found it easy to follow, weight reduction was gradual but steady, I have lots of energy and felt very alert. I also noticed a change in body profile within the first month -- I lost those "love handles" which hung over my belt on the sides. I have lost 18 pounds over a period of 4 months and feel great. It is not a diet but a shift in food choices, ratios and timing. It is a lifestyle.

    - Greg Sanderson, Burnaby B.C.

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