Dr. Lee, the Healthy Professor

Fitness Challenge - Weight Loss

Dawn Guillery

Nutrition Coach: Dr. L. Lee Coyne

Trainer: Jari Love

Dawn Guillery

Dawn Guillery

At 186 pounds Dawn wanted to lose weight as well as increase her stamina.

She encountered some hurdles along the way but she kept up with her workouts. She found it easier to do her workouts at home so that she could be with her four children.

She maintained her one-hour treadmill runs, and every other day, she did the Ripped video. Dawn had decided through hours of reading, to become a vegetarian. She says she is happy and has lots of energy. She has also taken up yoga, and has found this to be a great stress relief.

She lost 27 pounds and her BMI went from 30.03 to 25.7.

“I would like to thank Jari Love for the chance to work alongside her. It was been three months full of new experiences, hurdles, new challenges faced, and ultimately the final reward of dropping four dress sizes! With the guidance of her fitness staff I have learned several new weight loss concepts and fitness techniques that have proved valuable. We all had lots of fun together, and all had great success! Thank You IMPACT!"

Calculated BMI
Medical Concerns
Light headed and dizzy
Lee’s 40/30/30 plan Treadmill training
Time Line
12 weeks
Current Fitness
Lose weight
Girth Measurements:
After 3 weeks
After 8 Weeks
After 12 weeks
Abdomen 34 34 32 30
Hips 45.5 44.5 42 40
Right Thigh 27 26.75 25 25
Right Bicep 12.75 11.75 11 11
Shoulders 42.5 41.5 39 39
Chest 42 40 37 37
Weight 186 BMI- 30.03 179 BMI – 28.9 166 BMI - 26.8 159 - BMI -25.7
Loss of:   7 pounds 20 pounds 27 pounds

Comments: Dawn is very happy about her weight loss, but would like to lose more.

(Photos courtesy Jennifer Houghton)