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Weight Loss

Clarke Foster

Trainer: Jari Love

Clarke was our only youth and he had very definite goals in mind. “I want to build greater stamina and muscle. I'd like to be able to do more physical activity without becoming tired.” He also was seeking a diet change. He lost 22 pounds and has a BMI of 24.9, down from 28.3.

“When I first started the program I have to say I was thinking 'Wow I’m finally going to just get fit'. IMPACT was a big part of this because they gave me that boost to get me going.

The diet was easy to stay with. I just reminded myself not to eat any sugar before or after any big meals as it keeps weight off.

After I finished most of the workouts I went out and got some new clothes in a better size. People notice the difference and I just feel better myself. You feel more capable in everything you do. I really recommend to people that you should just get up and do something if you feel like it. The rewards in the end are great and then you don't have to worry about it.”


Age: 14 Height: 5.8 Weight: 186 Calculated BMI: 28.3
Medical Concerns: High cholesterol
Activity Preference/Nutrition: Lee’s 40/30/30 plan Weights
Time Available: 5 times per week
Time Line: 12 weeks
Current Fitness Level: Good
Goals: Lose weight and get fit.

Girth Measurements:
October 19
After 3 weeks
November 8
After 8 Weeks
December 19
After 12 Weeks
Abdomen 36.5 34.50 30.1/4 30.5
Hips N/A N/A N/A N/A
Right Thigh N/A N/A N/A N/A
Right Bicep 12.25 12 12 12
Shoulders 40.5 40 42 41.5
Chest 36.75 35 35 35.5
Weight 186 BMI - 28.3 177.5 BMI – 26.9 167 BMI - 25 164 BMI - 24.9

Total pounds lost


8.5 pounds

20 pounds

22 pounds