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Tiffany Weight Loss

Tiffany’s short term goal was to lose 30 pounds, and her long term goal to maintain a healthy lifestyle with exercise as a priority. She lost 15 pounds and eight per cent body fat. Rick Mueller trained Tiffany and was impressed by her commitment to the program.

Tiffany Leese

Trainer: Rick Mueller

Tiffany Leese   Tiffany Leese
(Photos courtesy Jennifer Houghton)

“In creating a program for Tiffany we looked at her lifestyle habits and made small adjustments which will be able to be maintained well after the 12 weeks. As fitness levels improved the intensity of weight training and cardiovascular conditioning was increased. The main objective was to provide a program in which full recovery was achieved from her workouts. Well done Tiffany.”

Tiffany was grateful for all the support she received. “To Lee I have to thank for what you have taught me about food. Thank you for answering all of my email questions and meeting with me on a regular basis. I wish that everyone could receive the message that you have to give. It is very common sense and no deprivation.

To Rick I cannot thank you enough for the training and support in the gym. Because of you I now have the confidence to walk right in and know exactly what I am doing. It feels great! Thank you to the IMPACT Magazine team for choosing me as a participant. I can guarantee that this experience has changed my life and how I view food and fitness.”

Girth measurements
October 21
After 6 weeks
Dec 2
After 9 weeks
Dec 19
After 12 Weeks
Waist: 78 cm 74 cm 73 cm 69 cm
Gluteus (hips)
105 cm
101 cm   100 cm 97 cm
Right thigh: 65 cm 58 cm 60 cm 55 cm
Abdomen (umbilicus): 84 cm 84 cm 79 cm 77 cm
% body fat: 31.3 27 24.5 23
(Fat weight)   
(40.54 lbs)
(35.7 lbs)
(32.5 lbs)

Total pounds lost


5 pounds

8 pounds

15 pounds