Dr. Lee, the Healthy Professor

The Little Book of Nutrition Nuggets

BY L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.

A collection of columns (600 – 2000 words each) previously published over the last 4 years in Fitness Magazines and newspapers. Each article is original and “before the editors cut any content”. At the end of each article is a “Nutrition Nugget” – the most significant point of the article. Easy reading, informative reading, and a wide range of topics.

Impact Magazine review

Impact Review
Impact Magazine review by Jay Winans

Table of Contents:

Chapter  1 So!! Why Am I Not Losing Weight? 13
Chapter  2 Paradigm Shift 19
Chapter  3 What Should I Eat ? 25
Chapter  4 Carbohydrates - How Much Is Enough? 33
Chapter  5 Eating For Stress 37
Chapter  6 Aspartame Wars 41
Chapter  7 Childhood Obesity Alert 45
Chapter  8 Childhood Obesity Problems/Solutions 47
Chapter  9 Weight Management 53
Chapter 10 Transform Your Body Tips 57
Chapter 11 Five Tips for Nutrition & Exercise 61
Chapter 12 The Insulin War 63
Chapter 13 Hold The Pasta 67
Chapter 14 Warning - Diet Sabotage Feared 71
Chapter 15 Celebration Eating 75
Chapter 16 Halloween Food Hazards 79
Chapter 17 Life Is A Water Sport 83
Chapter 18 Muscle Recovery From Exercise 87
Chapter 19 Right Snack-Snack Right 91
Chapter 20 Nature’s Prozac 95
Chapter 21 Protein Supplement Lingo 99
Chapter 22 Protein Is The Answer 103
Chapter 23 Why You Need Protein 107
Chapter 24 Nutrition Jargon IQ 111
Chapter 25 Supplementation 101 115
Chapter 26 Aggressive Nutrition 119
Chapter 27 Choosing A Bar 125
Chapter 28 Fat Loss - Simple But Patient 127
Chapter 29 The Oldest Metabolic Disorder 131
Chapter 30 Weight Loss! Willpower /Knowledge Power 135
Chapter 31 Want To Lose Weight? Do The Math 139
Chapter 32 The Obesity Epidemic 143
Chapter 33 What to Eat? Before, During, After Exercise 147
Chapter 34 Eat To Run 153
Chapter 35 In Opposition Of “Carbo-Load” 157
Chapter 36 Cholesterol Free - So What? 161
Chapter 37 Fat Phobia - Unwise! 165
Chapter 38 Peanut Butter Or Pasta 169
Chapter 39 Reshape Your Diet 171
Chapter 40 Regain Your Figure-Postpartum Weight Loss 175
Chapter 41 Get Ready For Bathing suits & Shorts 179
Chapter 42 That Sneaky Blood Pressure 183
Chapter 43 Understanding The Immune System 189
Chapter 44 Menu Planning For The Outdoor Season 195
Chapter 45 Nutrition Adjustments For Winter 199

Foreword for Dr. Lee Coyne’s book by Elaine Kupser

I have worked with Dr. Lee Coyne since the early 1980's, during the fitness boom, while working in the health club industry. Dr. Coyne would speak to our members on health and nutrition, and I remember how all of us literally hung onto his every word, absorbing as much as possible from this wonderful expert. Lee was truly ahead of his time.

When I founded IMPACT Magazine in 1991, I knew that I would want Dr. Coyne on our prestigious list of advisory board members, and I was grateful when he accepted. Over the years, Dr. Coyne has contributed exceptional editorial pieces on health and nutrition for our readers, easily becoming one of IMPACT's most popular contributors.

As the publisher of a highly credible health & fitness magazine, where our readers count on us for leading edge editorial content, there is no one who has delivered like Dr. Lee Coyne, issue after issue.

Dr. Coyne delivers information that is research-based, "matter-of-fact", interesting, highly valuable, and most of all, trustworthy.

Whether a person is looking for weight management, nutrition for athletics, or good basic health and nutrition advice, I don't know anyone that I would turn to before Dr. Coyne.

I have personally changed the way I eat, from day to day, to training for sport, because of the incredible information I have learned from Dr. Lee Coyne. He is my “nutrition coach” and helped me prepare for my first two marathons this year . His advice was invaluable. From this day forward, I will never eat another meal without my protein!

Elaine Kupser, Publisher
IMPACT Magazine (health, fitness, lifestyle)

Foreword #2 for Dr. Lee Coyne’s book

It is not everyday that you cross paths with someone so adept and accomplished in their field that every time you hear them speak you learn something. Dr. Lee Coyne is one of those people.

The dieting and weight-loss fads that have taken over the market place have completely fooled people into believing that a “quick fix” exists. Dr. Coyne has taught myself as well as hundreds of my clients that the only fix is a lifestyle change and that nutrition is 80% of health. I have documented my client’s results in Fit Start and the daily newspapers and let over a quarter million people per issue be the judge of how we have done. With Dr. Coyne leading the way, the results, as usual are fantastic. I believe and teach that in meeting your goals, you get out what you put in, and Dr. Coyne has illustrated how to effectively make simple changes so effort is directed correctly.

All too many times people subscribe to gym memberships and exercise videos and soon give up because they can’t seem to lose weight or change their bodies composition. I have seen enormous changes in people’s physiques, health and outlook on life by simply applying Dr. Coyne's fundamental nutrition tips. What is amazing is that, as he says, Dr. Coyne is an educator not an innovator, and that is where his gift lies. Making people understand how their body works and how to best get the most out of it.

I have also seen countless individuals eliminate cholesterol medications, diabetes medications, stomach distress and a host of other conditions, entirely from their lives. When you focus on treating your body as an asset the weight loss or other goals fall into place.

If health is a priority for you, follow these simple but highly effective tips and let Dr. Coyne show you how to achieve it.

Jeff Hill is the founder and President of Fit Start, a health and nutrition company.

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