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Weight Loss

Heather Profeta

Trainer: Jari Love

Heather Profeta
Heather Profeta
(Photos courtesy Jennifer Houghton)

Heather’s goal primarily was to lose weight – 30 to 40 pounds. She succeeded and lost 35 pounds, now weighing in at 164 pounds. Her BMI (Body Mass Index) went from 31.01- 24.5 and percentage of fat decreased from 30 to 23.5 per cent. Trainer Jari Love: “Besides losing all the weight Heather has drastically improved her push-ups. She is so proud of her accomplishments and so am I.”

Heather explains: “I was stuck in a plateau for a couple of years with my weight at 199. I never worked out consistently enough to make a difference.

Then through IMPACT and Jari I was put on an intense program, working out six days a week. I do Ripped two to three times a week and incorporate cardio sessions such as spin treadmill runs, and stationary bike rides the rest of the week.

I now have muscle definition and weight-training is now my favorite part of my exercise program. Jari keeps changing my program so my body never knows what to expect.

Although I believed I was eating healthy, I learn from Lee Coyne about portion control and I began eating a balanced diet of six small meals a day.

The changes I’ve seen in my body are amazing! It felt great when people noticed the changes in me and told me how motivating it was for them. My husband started working out harder to keep up and people constantly tell me how great I look.

But I'm not done yet - fitness is a work in progress, there will always be a new goal!”

Age: 33 Height: 5.8
Weight: 199 Calculated BMI: 31.03
Medical Concerns: no
Activity Preference/Nutrition: Lee’s 40/30/30 plan Heather is at about 40-40-20
Time Available: 6 times per week
Time Line: 12 weeks
Current Fitness Level: Good
Goals: Lose weight

Heather has lost a total of 35 pounds! Her BMI (Body Mass Index) went from 31.01 - 24.5! Percentage of fat was 30% - 23.5%

Girth Measurements:

October 21

After 3 weeks
November 8

After 8 Weeks
December 19

After 12 Weeks

Abdomen 34.25 33 31 29.75
Hips 47.75 46 44 40
Right Thigh 29 28.25 26 25.2
Right Bicep 12.5 12 11 11
Shoulders 43.25 40 40 40
Chest 40 38.25 37 35.75
Weight 199 BMI - 30.3 190 BMI - 29 179 BMI - 27.2 164 BMI - 23.5

Loss of:

 8 pounds

10 pounds

20 pounds

35 pounds