Dr. Lee, the Healthy Professor

Fat Won't Make You Fat

"Not all by itself"

by L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.


Any writer would be disappointed if the reaction to his/her book was "Oh No, not another diet book". If that is your reaction, I understand completely because I have the same response several times every year. Just when you believe you have seen the last "I have all the answers to why people are fat" books and programs, another twist is offered. Frequently the "twist" may be just that - a re-hash of old concepts wrapped in new packaging or jargon. Well, this book has a little of that, but I hope you find it a bit refreshing and of some value.

Several issues prompted me to write this book. In no particular order these issues include:

  • Over the last seven to eight years there has been a plethora of books on this particular subject or phase of nutritional advice. Most of which are 300 or more pages long, filled with tantalizing success testimonials and seemingly complicated recipes and menus, all included to encourage you to try the particular plan. This is not a critique of such books but rather a realization that many busy people are discouraged from taking the time to read such dissertations. The reasons vary from apparent time constraints to fear that the programs are too complicated and will require too many calculations and too much record keeping. I believed there was a need for a book of short duration which "Cut to the Chase" so to speak. This book reviews the science and the procedures behind other consistent programs and offers a condensed version of the concepts. So this is a book about books.
  • It seems to have become obvious that the high carbohydrate - low fat diets are not working. North Americans eat less fat and more carbohydrate than ever before and yet there is an obesity epidemic which has health-care professionals both puzzled and worried. One does not need formal statistics on fat reduction in the diet to confirm that we eat less fat. Just read a few popular magazines with their "low-fat" or fat cutting advice columns or visit your local grocery store and count the "low-fat" or "fat-free" products available. Of course you understand that in the free enterprise world products which do not sell do not last in the market place very long. Obviously these products are selling and are therefore part of the North American diet.
  • A second epidemic is that of Type II Diabetes. Based on the annual incidence of new Diabetics published in Canadian Diabetic Association information brochures, we discover a new Diabetic every eight and one half minutes (8.5 min) in Canada. I recall five years ago when discussing this at one of my public lectures, the figure was one every twenty-three minutes (23 min.). That is a dramatic 3 fold increase in a very short time.
  • Research for this book helped me to explain why there are some over weight vegetarians and why a vegetarian diet (currently , very politically correct in some circles) is not suitable for everyone. Think about it. If fat makes you fat, there should not be any overweight vegetarians.

The information and concepts in this book are not new. They have been reviewed and promoted as early as the year 1825 in an essay published by Jean-Anthlene Brillat-Savarin entitled "Preventative or Curative Treatment of Obesity". I quote from that essay "Now, an anti-fat diet is based on the commonest and most active cause of obesity, since, as it has already been clearly shown, it is only because of grains and starches that fatty congestion can occur, as much in a man as in the animals; .... that a more or less rigid abstinence from everything that is obviously starchy or floury will lead to the lessening of weight."

To carry this one step further, and answer the question - how do you "fatten" a pig or a cow? -  You feed them grain, not fat! Later I will outline the "Historical Stuff" regarding the concepts in this book. After reading it I am sure you will scratch your head and wonder about some of the popular scientific so-called wisdom which currently promotes the high carbohydrate - low fat - low protein - low calorie diets of today.

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