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IMPACT’s Fitness Challenge

In our November/December issue we announced the winners of our 12-week Fitness Challenge. Heather Profeta, Dawn Guillery, Sam Kim, Tiffany Leese, and Clarke Foster were all placed on a training and nutritional program, and we followed their results as they progressed over the 12 weeks.

The challenge is now over and we now have the final statistics to share with you. Heather, Dawn, Tiffany, and Clarke all recorded phenomenal results. Congratulations to you all. Unfortunately Sam Kim had to withdraw for personal reasons.

Here are their stories:

Heather Profeta - Trainer: Jari Love

Dawn Guillery - Trainer: Jari Love

Clarke Foster - Trainer: Jari Love

Tiffany Leese - Trainer: Rick Mueller

Nutrition Protocol Summary

Personal Trainers

Jari Love

Jari is a personal fitness trainer and owner, with her husband of Fitness Plus in Calgary. She is the creator of Ripped, a time-efficient program for maintaining peak fitness.

Rick Mueller

Rick is a national presenter and course conductor with Canadian Professional Trainers Network, and is assistant general manager with World Health Sport Club.


Dr. Lee Coyne

The nutritional plans were devised by Dr. Lee Coyne, nutritional consultant, lecturer and author of Fat Won’t Make You Fat, and the Lean Seekers coaching program.

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