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Fat and Sugar 2

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Added sugars include all sugars, corn syrups, honey, and maple syrup added to foods and beverages. It does not include sugars that naturally occur in fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.

Fat and Sugar Part 2

In the 1960's, long before the low-fat movement swept North America, our mothers warned us that if we didn't want to get fat, we'd better cut down on bread, pasta, potatoes -- and sweets. But then in the 1980's, everything changed. Suddenly, it was fat that made you fat. Governments in both Canada and the U.S. began advising everyone over the age of two to cut the fat and load up on carbohydrates.

So North Americans started eating a lot more low-fat carbohydrates.  And to make all that low-fat food more palatable, the food industry started adding sugar to just about everything -- bread, tomato sauce, salad dressing, yogurt. And to top it off, we washed it all down with low-fat drinks which were loaded with sugar. It was then that the twin epidemics of obesity and diabetes took off.

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