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Statins Do Not Save Lives

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Around 75% of all the people who take a statin, are taking it for  primary prevention. When it comes to primary prevention none of the largest clinical trials have been able to conclusively show any net benefit.

New Study Confirms Statins Do Not Save Lives

Thursday, August 29, 2013 at 6:06PM

A 'new' study of statin medications has just been published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. I say new, but actually its a new manipulation of old data.  

The researchers looked at eight previously conducted clinical trials done on statins. The population studied was elderly people without existing cardiovascular disease. After doing their calculations, it was concluded that statins did slightly reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, but the use of statins did not reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular disease. There was also no reduction in the risk of death from all causes.


We have actually known for some time that the only real contribution of statins has been anti-inflammation.  Overall inflammation or "chronic" inflammation as opposed to acute, is usually expressed in levels of C-reactive protein. protein carbonyls, omega 6 to omega3 ratios (or AA/EPA) , homocysteine levels.

Chronic inflammation is the root cause of most of our non-communicable disease conditions.  The issue with statins is, although it is anti-inflammatory, there are the host of side effects referred to in the article and there are many natural nutrients that are anti-inflammatory without side effects - only side benefits.


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