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Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention

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The role of Vitamins and Cancer prevention.

Vitamins and Cancer Prevention

The news media have been making a lot of noise this past week about the role of Vitamins and Cancer prevention. This subject has been in the scientific forefront of Cancer prevention research for several years now and a consensus seems to be forming to indicate a wise recommendation of increasing Vitamin D intake for many positive health reasons.

However – the most recent study – by JM Lappe from Creighton University, Omaha, NE. and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition – that has resulted in an over-promotion of vitamin D – was actually a Calcium and Vitamin D study. This is important.

Quotes from the actual study

“The purpose of this analysis was to determine the efficacy of calcium alone and calcium plus vitamin D in reducing incident cancer risk of all types.”

“The primary outcome was fracture incidence, and the principal secondary outcome was cancer incidence.”


Improving calcium and vitamin D nutritional status substantially reduces all-cancer risk in postmenopausal women.”

My comments:

  • The study used 1400 - 1500 mg supplemental calcium/d alone (Ca-only). This is twice the Current RNI – no responsible practitioner would recommend Calcium alone – for optimum absorption Calcium needs Magnesium, phosphorous and vitamin D. They also used Calcium Carbonate only – again - not my favourite form.
  • They used 1100 IU vitamin D(3)/d” -- Three times the current RNI.
  • When you look at the Data you see that the reduction in cancer risk with Calcium only is quite significant. When you take into account that Vitamin D improves Calcium absorption it suggests that Calcium plays a significant role.

Here are my recommendation for how to get the Vitamin D and Calcium levels used in the study –

Vita Lea (US Vita Lea) with each meal would provide 1200 IU of Vitamin D and 1350 mg of Calcium.

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